The Perfect Mule


One & One Half (1.5 oz) ounces of Hammer + Sickle Vodka

Four (4 oz) ounces of Hammer + Sickle Ginger Beer with Lime


Mix the Hammer + Sickle Vodka with the Hammer + Sickle Ginger Beer with Lime in a copper mug or high ball glass filled with ice. Stir gently and garnish with a lime. Add a sprig of mint for added freshness on the palate.

Generations of Heritage

Born of cold Russian winters the wheat of Hammer + Sickle is hand cleared in the Black Earth Region then dry shipped to the distillery where masters of the craft distill and filter Hammer + Sickle six times transforming the harvest into smooth ultra premium vodka worthy of its Russian heritage. Please enjoy responsibly.
Times Distilled
Times Filtered
Percent Winter Wheat

Tasting Notes

When enjoying Hammer + Sickle we suggest serving ice cold in the time honored Russian tradition.

Take time to notice the breathtaking clarity of the liquid.

The taste is fresh, pure and crisp in the mouth.

The mouth-feel is round and smooth.

The finish is clean with a subtle hint of vanilla.

We believe you will agree Hammer + Sickle is the idyllic cocktail foundation.

Winter Wheat From The Black Earth Region

Black Earth

The Russian term is Chernozem. Translated it means Black Earth Region. Here the soils are deep, and named for their unmistakable black color, the richest found anywhere on earth.

This soil contains very high levels of humus, and other important organic minerals such as phosphorus. The depth of the black earth has been measured as deep as two hundred and fifty inches. Because it very fertile and does not require any fertilizer, it is considered the finest soil in the world for growing winter wheat.

Winter wheat is the soul of Hammer + Sickle. Only from this place do we select our wheat. Our distillers transform this harvest into a pure, delicious vodka true to its Russian heritage.